RedLeaf was founded in 2015 to produce natural food and beverage colorants, antioxidants, and antimicrobials for use in human and livestock applications. We extract these products from a proprietary non-GMO variety of sorghum (RedNatural TM) that was developed at the University of Kentucky. We grow the RedNatural variety in the rolling green hills of the Bluegrass State. Our shining star of RedLeaf is a red pigment we call RedN.  RedN is designed to replace synthetic red colorants in many  food and beverage applications, and is positioned to serve as the best natural alternative in the market. The RedN pigment, which is a mixture of deoxyanthocyanidins (aglycones and glycosides) has a broader stability to pH than other types of natural colorants and is not available in commercial quantities from any other source.  

RedLeaf is all about natural alternatives to chemical dyes directly from a simple plant ingredient. Our goal as a company is to provide a versatile product that is safe for both consumers and the environment without a compromise on quality or results. 


We produce the pigment straight from the botanical source.

Safe for you - Safe for the environment



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RedLeaf Biologics is supported by the National Science Foundation and Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.

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We're an eclectic team with a common goal: natural alternatives to potentially harmful synthetic pigments and antioxidants for food applications. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, we love everything about our humble roots in this innovative, mid-south hub. We formed in the Spring of 2015 with the goal of producing entirely natural pigments that extend and improve the range of hues and performance characteristics, such as stability and absence of taste, available to the food industry from natural pigments. 

Interested in using RedLeaf products? We provide B2B solutions for all your red pigment and antioxidant needs, and have a caramel product available for testing - contact us today to see if RedLeaf is the right fit for your product.

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